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Frequently Asked by Clients: Are We a Marketing Agency, a Healthcare Advertising Firm, or a Business Consultancy?


At Hanna HealthCare, we've crafted a simple yet powerful formula to propel our clients' success. Our approach centers on patient-first branding and extensive marketing that syncs smoothly with our advanced patient communication platforms. We take the hassle out of connecting patients with the appropriate medical services and ensure that your marketing is ready to make an impact the moment it goes online. Our goal is straightforward: to elevate your business's success and slash your operating costs. We're confident in our ability to reduce your expenses up to 50%. Additionally, we're excited to offer billing solutions that can potentially boost your revenue by up to 99%. Our revenue cycle management services are designed to let healthcare professionals concentrate on providing patient care, while we seamlessly manage the business details.
– strengthening healthcare brands, increasing patient counts and improving business outcomes.

Online & Offline Healthcare Marketing Services Offered

How does it work:

Grow your Medical Practice At Hanna Healthcare, we understand the importance of your business success. Elevate your medical practice to new heights with our specialized, on-demand support team.
Retainers or PayGo The option to pay as you go based work or deposit a set number of hours into your retainer account is available for your business.
Flexibility Allowing you the flexibility and ease of mobility; we are available and can handle your project with limited management.
Confidentiality Our team signs strict confidentiality agreements which we share with clients and are trained in healthcare policies and protocols.
Let us help you with the service that works for you Engage with Hanna Healthcare for personalized support. Partner with our expert team, extending your practice's capabilities, or utilize our Pay-As-You-Go service for project-based help. Our team is ready to seamlessly integrate with your operations, representing your practice and advancing your business objectives.