Digital patient engagement programs allow Hanna HealthCare to cost effectively communicate with our client’s target audiences by using digital channels to engage, nurture and acquire more patients.

When you provide your patients with exceptional experiences, increased advocacy and revenues are your reward. Developing an intimate understanding of the unique needs and expectations of your patients is fundamental to gaining their trust and reaping the ensuing benefits.
Our Digital Patient Engagement Process will focus on some of the following areas:
• Digital Marketing Strategy
• SEO / SEM Campaigns
• PPC Campaigns (Display, Search, Retargeting, Native, Social)
• Social Media Campaigns
• e-Newsletters
• Drip Email Communications
• Online Community and Forum Building
• SEO Content Creation
• Marketing Automation / CRM Integration
• Analytics Reporting and Dashboard Development

The Evolution of Patient Care

Today’s patients have more educational resources available to them than ever before. Consequently, informed patients have more questions and concerns about their care. With the help of Hanna HealthCare, the patient never feels rushed and all of his or her questions are answered thoroughly. Our system helps provide a high level of transparency and availability which gives patients clear expectations, and attentive care—raising overall patient satisfaction and retention rates.

A highly trained individual in the area of his or her practice’s expertise, Hanna HealthCare’s medical concierge program serves as the patient’s touch point throughout the entire treatment process. From the initial point of contact, the medical concierge makes prospective patients feel comfortable, while evaluating their candidacy for treatment. He or she gain a thorough understanding of the patient’s unique needs, and clearly describe the treatment process, answering all questions along the way.

Following a prospect’s conversion to a patient, the medical concierge continues to be an available resource, checking on their progress post treatment. The dedication of the medical concierge provides relief to the practice’s administrative staff and physician(s), while simultaneously providing the patient with a positive treatment experience.

As Google Partners, Hanna HealthCare LLC, is held to higher standards than other healthcare marketing agencies. Hanna HealthCare provides Healthcare Companies, Hospitals, Surgery Centers, Medical Practices and Doctors with data-driven healthcare marketing, sales and operations.