Hanna HealthCare LLC, Patient Relationship Management systems allow us to develop and maintain lasting relationships with patients and improve their access to quality care.

The system enhances the front office staff’s ability to field inquiries, establish trust, and build value for each client’s healthcare service offerings. On the back end, PRM provides lead scoring, channel-specific ROI reporting to enhance lead quality, shorten sales cycles, and improve the care delivery model.

Increase Patient Experience Through Medical Concierge Program

A highly trained individual in the area of his or her practice’s expertise, the medical concierge serves as the patient’s touch point throughout the entire treatment process. From the initial point of contact, the medical concierge makes prospective patients feel comfortable while evaluating their candidacy for treatment. He or she gains a thorough understanding of the patient’s unique needs and clearly describe the treatment process, answering all questions along the way.

Following a prospect’s conversion to a patient, the medical concierge continues to be an available resource, checking on their progress post-treatment. The dedication of the medical concierge provides relief to the practice’s administrative staff and physician(s), while simultaneously providing the patient with a positive treatment experience.
Implement Coaching, Status and Performance Evaluations
• Meet with key staff members to discuss current processes and handling procedures.
• Evaluate preferred methods for customer service, retention, collection departments and bestpractices for internal procedures and call handling situations.
• Call Center and company policies developed specifically for your practice’s internal specifications.
• Procedures developed specifically for selling your practice’s program, providing customer service and helping with retention.
• Create call and sales scripts including rebuttals for use by Patient Engagement Professionals.
• Practice will review of call scripts with recommendations or approvals.
• Create and implement patient flow process.
• Live call handling training and individualized assessments to ensure compliance.
• Individual coaching and evaluations on a bi-weekly basis, if required.
• Enhanced group instruction and role-plays will be done monthly if required.
• Quarterly individual performance reviews and recommendations, if requested.
• Implement live chat interface on appropriate web pages or proactive heads-up displays if requested.
• Implement marketing automation software to facilitate lead scoring, nurturing and drip email campaigns, if campaign budgets and software allocation supports it.