Meet the team


Meet Our Team

Meet our CEO at Hanna HealthCare LLC, a leader who guides our skilled team of healthcare marketing and consulting experts. With over 15 years in the industry, our CEO is a strategic innovator with a rich background in problem-solving, team-building, and enhancing the user experience through various marketing strategies. ... Before joining Hanna HealthCare LLC, our CEO held significant roles, including COO at an integrative oncology center and an operating manager at a pharmaceutical company working on pioneering cancer treatments. Additionally, as Vice President at a major financial firm, they led initiatives in marketing, hiring, sales, and client relationship management, particularly within the healthcare sector. Our CEO is well-educated in the field, holding an MBA with a focus on Healthcare and Digital Transformation from UCI and a diploma in Managing Healthcare Policy, alongside a Bachelor's degree in Business Computer Information Systems. Their broad experience spans across many healthcare areas, from surgery and oncology to medical tourism and biologics, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the healthcare market.


Meet Mickey Ly Chi

Meet Mickey Ly Chi, an AAPC-certified medical coder with a unique background in the culinary world. As a former line cook, Mickey honed vital skills like time management and attention to detail. ... These skills have been seamlessly integrated into a successful medical coding career. Outside of work, Mickey enjoys baking with their toddler, family hikes, and rooting for the San Francisco 49ers.


Meet Ignacio

With over 15 years in the dental industry, Ignacio has a proven track record as an office manager. He's known for enhancing practice growth and profitability through meticulous insurance and billing education for patients. ... His unique approach to customer service was honed during his time at Disney World and Disneyland, which he seamlessly integrates into the dental field. Ignacio is committed to helping your practice realize its full potential.

Anna Relosa

(323) 864 - 5310

Meet Dr. Anna Relosa

Dr. Anna Relosa, M.D. brings a wealth of medical expertise, particularly in managing chronic diseases through clinical nutrition to boost stamina. She's passionate about transforming lives by reshaping their approach to food and lifestyle. ... Utilizing Functional and Lifestyle Medicine, she's helped many reduce their reliance on medications and lead healthier, more active lives. Besides her private consultations, Dr. Relosa is actively involved in entrepreneurial ventures, enhancing care for seniors and supporting dental clinics with Hanna Healthcare's billing services.